Tijmen Hauer

Tijmen HAUER (1977, the Netherlands) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. His work has been presented at film festivals and exhibitions around the world. With his short films Hauer is developing a direct and catchy oeuvre which reflects on contemporary society and the place of the individual within it. Hauer also works as a guest curator for the Filmbank, and as a freelance director and editor.


(all short) Intensive Care (2004), MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack Too (2004), I Didn't Really Want To Go There (2005), Hit & Run (2006), Daddy I'm Scared (2006), Talking Heads (2007), Oh Great Now Look What Happened (2007, co-dir), Hit & Run (2007), Talking heads (2008), I live everywhere (2008), Stay (2009, co-dir), Crosscuts (2010, co-dir)