Thirza Cuthand

Thirza Cuthand op IFFR

Thirza Jean CUTHAND (Canada) werd geboren in Saskatchewan en groeide op in Saskatoon. Sinds 1995 maakt ze korte experimentele verhalende video's en films over seksualiteit, gekte, jeugd, liefde en ras.


(selection, all short) My Sister (1996, co-dir), Colonization: The Second Coming (1996, co-dir), Bisexual Wannabe (1997), Untouchable (1998), Manipulation / Dictation (1999), Through the Looking Glass (1999), Helpless Maiden Makes An "I" Statement (1999), Anhedonia (1999), Love & Numbers ( 2004), Madness in Four Actions (2008), You Are A Lesbian Vampire (2008), Homelands (2010), Boi Oh Boi (2012), Sight (2013)

Thirza Cuthand op IFFR

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