The Otolith Group

THE OTOLITH GROUP is an artist-led collective from London founded in 2002 by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun. Their work is very diverse: from film productions to international solo and group exhibitions and publications. In 2010, the Otolith Group was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize. Since then the group has screened at IFFR with films such as The Radiant (2013 edition) and Medium Earth (2014 edition).


(selection) Be Silent, for the Ears of the God Are Everywhere (2006, short), Nervus Rerum (2009, short), Otolith III (2009, short), Hydra Decapita (2010, short), I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another (2012, short), The Radiant (2012, doc), Medium Earth (2013), In the Year of the Quiet Sun (2014, short)