Terashima Mari

Mari TERASHIMA (Japan) was educated at the Kyoto College of Art and started making films in the mid-1980s. Beside short films she also makes installations. Her films have been widely screened at international festivals.


(all short) The First Love (1989), An Illusion (1990), Midorimushi/Green Worm (1991), A Castle of Dream (1991), The Fitting Room (1992), A Corridor (1993), The Polyester Dog of Majesty the Queen (1994), Julian of the orphan (1995), Short. Cut. Lovers (1996), Midnight Park : White Roses (1997), La Traviata (1998), Princess Plum Pudding (1999), The Woman of the Dual Sovereignty (2001), Tears of Ellis (2003), The navel of a red angel (2004), Shanghai Flowers (2008), Alice in the Underworld: the Dark Märchen Show!! (2009)