Tan Chui Mui

Tan Chui Mui

Still: Barbarian Invasion
TAN Chui Mui (1978, Malaysia) has worked as a columnist for local newspapers and magazines. She directed a number of short films, before making her feature film debut Love Conquers All in 2006, which won a Tiger Award. Her work is characterised by a poetic style, which she uses to depict stories about personal growth. She has had the honour of being a jury member for various festivals, including Rotterdam. Tan Chui also works as a producer for Malaysian independent filmmakers. Barbarian Invasion was selected for IFFR 2022.


(selection) There Is Treasure Everywhere (1999, short), Living Elsewhere (2002, short), Hometown (2003, short), 3R (2004, short), A Tree in Tanjung Malim (2004, short), South of South (2005, short), Company of Mushrooms (2006, short), Ai qing zhang sheng yi qie/Love Conquers All (2006), Nobody's Girlfriend (2007, short), All My Failed Attempts (2009, short), 15Malaysia (2009, omnibus film), No Woman Born (2010, short), Sarah and Omelga (2010, short doc), Year Without a Summer (2010), Survival Guide untuk Kampong Radioaktif/Survival Guide for Radioactive Village (2011, short, co-dir), Letters from the South (2013, short, co-dir), Barbarian Invasion (2021)

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