Taiki Sakpisit

Taiki Sakpisit op IFFR

Taiki SAKPISIT (1975, Thailand) lives and works in Bangkok. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema at San Francisco State University, in 2008 he started creating experimental shorts and moving-image works exploring kinetic energies and aural/visual juxtapositions. A recipient of the ACC CinemaFund and NTC CCA Singapore Residencies Program, his work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and at festivals. His short The Mental Traveller (2019) is selected for the IFFR Tiger Short Competition.


(selection, all short) Whispering Ghosts (2008), “…I did not dream last night” (2009), Looking in God’s Eye (2010), Deathless Distance (2010), Three Kings (2011), A Ripe Volcano (2011), Time of the Last Persecution (2012), The Age of Anxiety (2013), Trouble in Paradise (2017), To the Memory of My Beloved (2018), Tabula Rasa (2018), Shadow and Act (2018), The Mental Traveller (2019)

Taiki Sakpisit op IFFR

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