Sondra Perry

Sondra Perry (1986, USA) holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BFA from Alfred University. Perry performed Sondra Perry & Associate Make Pancakes and Shame the Devil at the Artist's Institute, New York, in 2015. Her work has been screened at venues such as Les Voutes in Paris, Light Industry in New York and Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts Museum in China. In 2014 Perry was Guest Lecturer at the School of Visual Arts, New York, for the course History, Theory, and Practice of the Image.


(selection) Counter (2009, instal), Black Girl As A Landscape (2010, short), Black/Cloud (2010, short), Double Quadruple Etcetera Etcetera I & II (2013, instal), My Twilight Zone Thing (2014, instal), (2015, short), Lineage for a Multiple-Monitor Workstation: Number One (2015, short), Graft and Ash for a Three Monitor Workstation (2016, short)