Simone Massi

Simone Massi op IFFR

Simone MASSI (Pergola, Italy, 1970) studied Animation Film at the Academy of Fine Arts Urbino. After he graduated, Massi started working as a freelance animator. Despite the difficulties he encountered working as an independent animator (he draws entirely by hand), more than a dozen of his short animation films have been shown in 54 countries, collecting over 200 awards.


(all short, selection) Immemoria (1995), In aprile (1995), Millennio (1995), Racconti (1996), Niente (1996), Keep on! Keepin’ on! (1997), Il giorno che vidi i sorci verdi (1997), Adombra (1999), Pittore, aereo (2001), Tengo la posizione (2001), Piccola mare (2003), Io so chi sono (2004), La memoria dei cani/The Memories of Dogs (2006), Nuvole, mani/Clouds, Hands (2009), Dell'ammazzare il maiale/About Killing the Pig (2011)

Simone Massi op IFFR

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