Silvio Soldini

Silvio Soldini (1958, Milan) won the Prix Gaumont in Milan in 1982 with his short début film Drimage. He then founded with several colleagues a production company enabling him to make his first full-length feature Paessagio con figure (1983). With Voci celate (1986), Soldini started to find his way around documentary film-making. His L'aria serena dell'ovest was screened in 1991 in Rotterdam.


Drimage (1982, short), Paesaggio con figure (1983,short), Giulia in Ottobre (1985, short), Antonio e Cleo (1988, short), L'aria serena dell'ovest (1990), Femmmine, folle e pol vere d'archivo (1992, short), Un'anima divisa in due (1993), D'estate (1994, short), Le acrobate (1996), Pane e tulipani (2000)