Sebastian Buerkner

Sebastian BUERKNER (1975, Germany) was educated in Fine Art in Salle, Germany, and gained his master's degree at Chelsea College in London. Since 1997 he has participated in several international group and solo shows. The filmmaker is a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster. In 2014, his film The Chimera of M. was awarded a Tiger Award for Short Films.


(selection, all short) Glance Project (2005), Peak Project (2005), Walker (2006), Purple Grey (2006), The Conversation (2006), Turf Waltz (2007), Time Tear (2007), Sound Focus (2007), Identity Slice (2007), Frame Erasure (2007), Blur Belt (2008), Realms Pin (2008), Tide (2009), Glove (2009), Triband (2009), Album Matter (2010), Susy and Destiny (2010), Them! (2010), Door Beard Bacon Pinch (2011), That Was Your Dog (2012), The Chimera of M. (2013), Weresheglanspearthere (2014), Eaves Apart (2015), Tosse not my Soule (2015), Rhinoceros (2016), Aykan (2018)