Still: 30 Years of Adonis

Danny Cheng Wan-Cheung, known by his professional name Scud (1967, China), is a producer, screenwriter and filmmaker, born in Guangzhou and raised in Hong Kong. After studying at the Open University of Hong Kong, he spent two decades working in IT. He travelled to more than 80 countries and settled in Australia in 2001 before returning to Hong Kong four years later. There, he founded the film production company Artwalker, where he produced his work, including Amphetamine (2009) and Voyage (2012). He announced his plans to retire following the release of his 10th film, Naked Nations – Tribe Hong Kong (2024) which will screen as part of the IFFR 2024 retrospective Focus programme on Scud's filmmaking career. 


Mou ye chi sing (2008), Yong jiu ju Liu/Permanent Residence (2009), Amphetamine (2010), Love Actually... Sucks! (2011), Voyage (2013), Utopians (2015), Adonis (2017), Apostles (2022), Bodyshop (2022), Naked Nations – Tribe Hong Kong (2024)

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