Saul Levine

Besides his long standing teaching career, Saul LEVINE (1943) has been making films for over four decades. He has worked with Super 8, 16mm and recently also digital video. He still hopes to make 35mm films.

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(all short) Queen of Night Gotta Box of Light (1965), Salt of the Sea (1965), Wend-O (1964-1967), Saul’s Scarf (1966-1967), Tear/Or (1966-1967), Cat’s Cradle Harp Wind Lock Heart (1967), Sarafree (1968), Star Film (1968-1971), The Big Stick/An Old Reel (1967-1973), Memorial Day Portayal (1975), Notes of an Early Fall, part one (1976), Charlatan (1976-1977), Not Even a Note (1978), Time to Go to Work (1978), Bopping the Great Wall of China Blue (1981), Raps and Chants (1081), Raps and Chants, part 2 (1981), New Left Note (1968-1982), Mortgage on My Body (1978-1983), Arrested (1977-1983), Lien on My Soul and Portrait Not s Dream (1978-1983), Special Package: Breaking Time (1978-1983), Note to Poli (1982-1983), Unemployment Portrayal (1974-1983), A Brennen Soll Columbusn’s Medina (1976-1984, Departure (1976-1984), Shmateh II (1983-1984), Shmateh III (1983-1984), Submission (1988), Notes After Long Silence (1989), Preview (1989), Spun (1991-1992), Z-Zee Notzed (1992), Rolls and Stumbles With Cherries in the Middle (1996), August Moon an See (1997), All That’s Solid (2000), Get It While You Can (2000), I Saw the Light Praise the Dark (2000), Az Sent (2000), Only Sunshine (2000), Detour (2002), Born Under a Bad Sign (2002), Melts Into Air (2000), Sad Gun (2000), Toscanini’s European Sidewalk Cafe (2000), Whole Note (2000), 911 Serras Morning/Off Celexa/Dream Story (2002), Driven with Joe Gibbons (2003), Driven with Tracy MacCullion (2003), Note to Poli, Portrayal/Sherill Kaye, Portrayal/near Site and Shmateh III, As Is As, Is As Is, Later later Dutch Master Later, Scrape, Shmateh IV, Rambling Notes (1076-1977) As Is Was (1994), Light Hit (1995)