Sasha Pirker

Sasha Pirker op IFFR

Artist and filmmaker Sasha PIRKER (1969, Austria) studied Linguistics and Arcitecture in Vienna en Paris. Since 2006, she teaches at the art academy in Vienna in film, video and art.


(all short) John Lautner, The Desert Hot Springs Motel (2007), Angelica Fuentes, The Schindler House (2008, doc), Once at Miracle Mile (2009, doc), The Future Will Not Be Capitalist (2010), THE FACE - Storefront for Art & Architecture (2011, doc), Cornelius Kolig. Short Notes to Eternity or Don't Fuck with Paradise (2011, doc), It Looks Like a Japanese Film (2011, doc), Paperwork (2012, doc), Closed Circuit (2013), LIVEPAN (2013, short), There Are Pictures, Because There Are Wall - a Prologue (2013, doc), Exhibition Talks (2014, doc, co-dir)

Sasha Pirker op IFFR

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