S. Pierre Yaméogo

S. Pierre YAMÉOGO (1955, Koudougou, Burkina Faso) attended a photography course in Paris in the 1970s and then trained as an editor with the Radio and TV station in Burkina Faso. He eventually returned to Paris, where he took a directing course and gained a degree in communication science. In Paris, he founded the film production company Afix and produced films by other young African directors. His début film was a short, Dunia. Delwende is his fifth feature film. It was awarded the Prix de l'espoir in Cannes.


Dunia/Le Monde (1987, short), Laafi/Tout va bien (1991), L'oeuf silhouette (1998, short), Wendemi, l'enfant du bon Dieu (1993), Silmandé Tourbillon (1998), Moi et mon blanc/Me and my White Man (2003), Delwende, lève-toi et marche/Delwende (2OO5)