Rosa Barba

Rosa Barba

Still: Aggregate States of Matters
Rosa BARBA (1972, Italy) was educated in theatre and film in Germany, first in Erlangen and then at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. She has been expanding her knowledge actively since, through residencies and a doctorate. Barba’s body of work consists of films, installations, performances and publications. Her film works are situated between experimental documentary and fictional narrative, and often focus on film’s materiality, composition, natural landscapes and man-made interventions in the environment. She has received multiple awards and exhibits in galleries and museums in Europe and beyond. For IFFR 2021, Barba created the performance installation Voice Engine.


(selection) Cinorama (2000, instal), Panzano (2000, short), Pirate Spaces (2002, instal), Split Fields (2003, instal), Floating Moons (2003, instal), Machine Vision Seekers (2004, instal), Parachutable (2004, instal), It’s Gonna Happen (2005, short), Erased Note (2006, short), Outwardly from Earth's Center (2006, short), Waiting Grounds 1/3 (2007, instal), Western Round Table 1/3 (2007, instal), They Shine (2007, short), Empirical Effect (2010, short), Bending to Earth (2015, short), From Source to Poem (2016, short), Disseminate and Hold (2016, short), Enigmatic Whisper (2017, short), Aggregate States of Matters (2019, short), Voice Engine (2021, performance)

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