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Rosa BARBA (1972, Italy) was educated at various art academies in Europe and has an interest in unusual sites and awkward situations. Her work consists of films, installations, music videos and publications. Her film works are situated between experimental documentary and fictional narrative, and often focus on natural landscapes and man-made interventions into the environment. Barba lives in Berlin.


(selection) Cinorama (2000, instal), Panzano (2000, short), Pirate Spaces (2002, instal), Split Fields (2003, instal), Floating Moons (2003, instal), Machine Vision Seekers (2004, instal), Parachutable (2004, instal), It's Gonna Happen (2005, short), Erased Note (2006, short), Outwardly from Earth’s Center (2006, short), Waiting Grounds 1/3 (2007, instal), Western Round Table 1/3 (2007, instal), They Shine (2007, short), Empirical Effect (2010, short), Bending to Earth (2015, short), From Source to Poem (2016, short), Disseminate and Hold (2016, short), Enigmatic Whisper (2017, short)

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Rosa Barba op IFFR

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