Rolf de Heer

Rolf de HEER (1951, the Netherlands) moved as a child to Australia in 1959. He has worked as a film librarian and assistant editor. In 1977, he started studying at the Australian Film & TV School, graduating four years later in Film and TV Production and Directing. Since then, he has worked as a freelance scriptwriter, producer and director. Ten Canoes won the prize for best film in Ghent and the Special Jury Award at Cannes in 2006, in the Un Certain Regard section. In 2014, David Gulpilil, the main character of his Charlie's Country, was awarded Best Actor at the Cannes film festival.


Tale of a Tiger (1984), Thank You Jack (1987), Incident at Raven's Gate (1988), Dingo (1991), Bad Boy Bubby (1993), Epsilon (1995), The Quiet Room (1996), The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1997), Dance Me To My Song (1998), The Old Man Who Read Love Stories (2000), The Tracker (2002), Alexandra’s Project (2003), Ten Canoes (2006), The Balanda and the Bark Canoes (2006, TV doc), Dr. Plonk (2007), War (2008, short doc), Turtle Hunt (2008, short doc), The Undertaker (2008, short doc), Tamarind Tree (2008, short doc), Swamplands (2008, short doc), Song Man I (2008, short doc), Song Man II (2008, short doc), Poison Rock (2008, short doc), Missionaries: Arrival (2008, short doc), Missionaries: Trouble (2008, short doc), Memory of a Circumcision Ceremony (2008, short doc), Memories (2008, short doc), Jamming I (2008, short doc), Jamming II (2008, short doc), Dolly Dolly: Youthu Youthu (2008, short doc), Crocodile Catch: Barrawu Gutmaram (2008, short doc), Creation Rock: Dawurra (2008, short doc), Black Nose Python Rock: Gunungu (2008, short doc), Ant Nest Dreaming (2008, short doc), Ancestor Cave (2008, short doc), Adios Amigo: Guppa Amigo (2008, short doc), A Call to Culture (2008, short doc), Twelve Canoes (2008), The King is Dead! (2012), Charlie's Country (2014)