Rolands Kalnins

Rolands Kalnins op IFFR

Rolands KALNINS (1922, Latvia) worked in Riga as an director's assistant with renowned directors such as Yuli Raizman, Pavel Armand and Leonids Leimanis. He directed his first feature Ilze in 1960. His documentary Saruna ar karalieni/Conversation with the Queen received the Latvian Film Prize as the best documentary in 1980. His short film Maritime Climates (1974) is screened at IFFR 2019. 


(selection) Ilze (1960), Pod zemlyoy (1963, short), Pazeme (1963), Four White Shirts (1967), PiejĊĞras klimats/Maritime Climates (1974) Saruna ar karalieni/Conversation with the Queen (1980, doc), Akmenainais cels (1983), Ja mes visu to parcietisim (1987),  Muzigais Fausts (1999, short doc), Rugtais vins/Bitter Wine (2007)

Rolands Kalnins op IFFR

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