Rodrigo Guerrero

Rodrigo GUERRERO (1982, Argentina) already worked at a young age as assistant on theatre workshops in his home town Córdoba. At the age of 19, he started on his study of film and television sciences which he completed in 2008. Then Guerrero decided to focus entirely on the practice. El invierno de los raros, situated in a wintry Argentina, is his feature debut.


3 Hermanas/3 Sisters (2004, short), Conejo miró la ruta eligió cruzar/Rabbit Looked at the Road and Decided to Cross (2004, short), Te enteraste lo que pasó con Gilbert?/Did You Hear What Happened to Gilbert? (2005, short), TV (2006, doc), 08/07 Campo/Open Field - August '07 (2007), El invierno de los raros/The Winter of the Odd Ones Out (2011)