Richard Leacock

Valérie Lalonde grew up in a French-American family, lived in England, became skilled in making perfume in Switzerland and, after meeting Richard Leacock in 1989, started making videos.Richard Leacock (1921, London) spent his early years on the Canaries and went to school in England. In the U.S.A. he studied physics at Harvard. From student jobs on film productions he developed into a renowned cameraman for documentary films. He worked a lot with the great Robert Flaherty before making his own films.


Films: Richard Leacock: Canary Bananas (1935), Earthquake in Ecuador (1949), Head of the House (1950), Toby and the Tall Corn (1954), How the F-100 Got It's Tail (1957), Frames of Reference (1957-9), Bernstein in Israël (1958), Bernstein in Moscow (1959), Bull Fight at Malaga (1959), Primary (1960), The White Ghost & The Black Ghost (1961), On the Pole (1961), Yanki No! (1960), Petey and Johny (1960), Nehru (1960), The Chair (1960), Mooney vs. Fowle (1962), Crisis (1963), Happy Mother's Day (1963), Republicans - The New Breed (1964), A Stravinsky Portrait (1965), Geza Anda (1965), The Anatomy of Ciny Fink (1966), Old Age, The Wasted Years (1966), Hickory Hill (1968), Chiefs (1969), Queen of Apollo (1970), Tread (1970), Isabel Stewart Gardner (1977), Centerbeam (1978), Light Coming Through (1980), Community of Praise (1981), Lulu in Berlin (1984).Valérie Lalonde & Richard Leacock: Les oeufs à la coque de Monsieur Leacock (1991), Rehearsal: The Killings of Coriala (1992, short), Les vacances de monsieur Leacock (1992, short), Kren-Parking (1992, short), Felix et Josephine (1993, short), 'Gott sei dank' A Visit With Helga Feddersen (1993, short), Hooray! We're Fifty! 1943-1993 (1994, short), A Celebration of Saint Silas (1994).