Richard Kern

Richard KERN (1954, USA) is an underground filmmaker, writer and photographer. He was an important part of the No Wave Cinema movement as well as the Cinema of Transgression movement. In 1983, he directed his first short film, Goodbye 42nd Street. The short film The Right Side of My Brain (1984) stars notable contemporaries such as Lydia Lunch and Henry Rollins. Fingered (1986) was described by John Waters as “the ultimate date movie for psychos” and “the best hillbilly-punk-art-porno movie in the world”. He also directed early music videos for acts such as Marilyn Manson, The Breeders and Sonic Youth. In 2018, his films were part of a Film Retrospective at MoMA.


(selection) Goodbye 42nd Street (1983, short), The Right Side of My Brain (1984, short), Manhattan Love Suicides (1985, short), Submit to Me (1985, short), You Killed Me First (1985, short), Fingered (1986, short), Pierce (1986, short), Submit to Me Now (1987, short), The King of Sex (1987, short), The Evil Cameraman (1990, short), X is Y (1990, short), Scooter and Jinx (Moneylove) (1991, short), Tumble (1991, short), Nazi (1991, short), Catholic (1991, short), Horoscope (1991, short), The Bitches (1992, short), The Sewing Circle (1992, short), My Nightmare (1993, short), The Breeders: “Divine Hammer” (1993, short, co-dir), Marilyn Manson: “Lunchbox” (1994, short), Cutter (2003, short), Extra Action (2008), Webcam Girls (2009, short), Face to Panty Ratio (2011, short), Clean (2012, short), Extra Shot by Kern (2013), The Girl Who Followed Marple (2013, short), Medicated (2013, short), FFP (2015, short)

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