René Hazekamp

René Hazekamp op IFFR

René HAZEKAMP (1962, the Netherlands) was educated in film at the RITCS in Brussels. He has been making short dance films since 1988 for his own film company Cendrillon. Commissioned by VPRO's Lola da Musica, Hazekamp has made seven music documentaries. In recent years he has mainly made documentaries about people close to home. Hazekamp lives and works in Rotterdam.


Skroeba (1987, short), Grondslag (1988, short), Aarzelingen (1989, short), Dido (1989, short), F.X. Messerschmidt (1989, short), Cargo (1989, short), Ogendans (1989, short), Gan (1989, short), 5e Episode (1990, short), Midden op de weg/No Meio do Caminho (1991, short), Zie de mens/Ecce Homo (1992,short), Wanna Get In On It? (1992, short), Hunt Down (1993, short), André Williams: Heaven and Hell (2000, TV-doc), It’s Bad, You Know, The Blues According to Fat Possum Records (2000, TV-doc), Let There Be AC/DC (2001, TV-doc), Dropkick Murphys: Real Music For Real People (2001, TV-doc), Polly Jean Harvey: Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (2001, TV-doc), Solomon Reigns (2002, TV-doc), The Ex in Ethiopia (2002, TV-doc), Zwerfmens, de herinnering (2009, short), De onplaatsbaren/The Unplaceables (2012, doc), CircusTime (2013, doc), The Anti-Noah (2016, short doc), Gangway to a Future (2018, doc)

René Hazekamp op IFFR

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