Rashid Masharawi

Rashid Masharawi op IFFR

Rashid MASHARAWI (1962, Gaza) grew up in a Shati refugee camp on the Gaza Strip. As a self-taught film maker, he made his first films at the age of 18, followed by his first real short, Travel Document, in 1987. He is the founder of the Cinema Production and Distribution Centre (1996) in Ramallah, which supports Palestinian film in general.


Travel Document (1987, short), The Shelter (1989, short), Dar O Dur (docu, 1991), Long Days in Gaza (1991), Curfew (1993), Haifa (1995), Rabab (1997), Tension (1998, short), Out of Focus (2000, short), Behind the Walls (1999), Love Season (2001), The Magician (1992, short), Live from Palestine (2002, short), Ticket to Jerusalem (2002), Homemovie (2002, short), Waiting (2002, short), Checkpoint (2002, short), Arafat, mon frère/Arafat, My Brother (2005), Intizar/Waiting (2005)

Rashid Masharawi op IFFR

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