Rainer Kohlberger

Rainer Kohlberger op IFFR

Rainer KOHLBERGER (1982, Austria) is a Berlin-based visual artist and designer. His work is based on algorithmically generated graphics. He converts these graphics into live performances, installations, films and mobile apps. In 2013, he won the Crossing Europe Local Artist Award for his video Humming, Fast and Slow (2013). Kohlberger's short film not even nothing can be free of ghosts (2016) was selected for a Tiger Award for Short Films at IFFR 2016.


(selection, all short) Ghostwriter (2009, instal), Rain (2010), Colors of Noise: Part I & II (2011, instal), Arcana (2011), White Light/White Heat (2011, co-dir), Humming, Fast and Slow (2013), Moon Blink (2014), Colors of Noise: Part III (2014, instal), not even nothing can be free of ghosts (2016), more than everything (2018)

More info: kohlberger.net

Rainer Kohlberger op IFFR

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