Rahee Punyashloka

Rahee PUNYASHLOKA (1993, India) is a visual artist and filmmaker. He processes analogue techniques in digital media and is inspired by the work of Hollis Frampton and Pat O'Neill. In 2014, Punyashloka is in Rotterdam for the first time, with his short film Noise Reduction II: Chinatown.


(all short) Ordinaire (2011), The Return (2011), Rainy Day (2012), Intervals (2012), Elegy of a Voyage (2012), Reverie (2012), Preludes I (2013), Faces I (2013), Len Lye Automaton #21 (2013), Six Figures Getting Sick [Version 1] (2013), Sno(w) Setup Exhibit A (2013), Preludes II (2013), Six Figures Getting Sick [version 2] (2013), Noise Reduction I (2013), Noise Reduction II: Chinatown (2013)