Pietro Marcello

Pietro MARCELLO (1976, Italy) made several long and short documentaries, such as Il passaggio della linea (2007), which was entirely filmed on trains traveling through Italy and won several prizes at the Venice Film Festival. His other documentaries have been awarded as well, for example La bocca del lupo (2009) at the Torino Film Festival. Marcello’s documentary Il silenzio di Pelesjan (2011) was screened at IFFR in 2012. His new film Bella e perduta (2015) mixes documentary and fictional elements with archival material and was completely shot on past-expiration-date 16mm film.


Carta (2003, short), Scampia (2003, short), Il cantiere (2004, short doc), La baracca (2005, short doc), Grand Bassan (2005, doc), Il passaggio della linea (2007, doc), La bocca del lupo (2009, doc), Napoli 24 (segment Rettifilo) (2010, doc), Il silenzio di Pelesjan (2011, doc), Marco Bellocchio, Venezia 2011 (2011, short doc), 9x10 novanta (segment L'umile Italia) (2014, doc), Bella e perduta/Lost and Beautiful (2015)