Pierre Huyghe

Frenchman Pierre HUYGHE (1962) lives and works in New York. He completed his education Graphic Arts in Paris and was Artist in Residence in Berlin. As an artist and filmmaker, Huyghe received multiple awards, among which the Hugo Boss Prize in 2002 and the Smithsonian American Museum's Contermporary Artist Award in 2010.


(all short) Blanche-neige Lucie (1997), L'ellipse (1998), Sleeptalking (1998), Nine Perfect Minutes (2000), The Third Memory (2000), Two Minutes out of Time (2000), Les grands ensembles (2001), One Million Kingdoms (2001), Block Party (2002), Stream Side Days (2003), This is not a Time for Dreaming (2005), A Journey that Wasn't (2006), A Forest of Lines (2008), The Host and the Cloud (2010), A Way in Untilled (2013)