Philippe Grandrieux

Philippe GRANDRIEUX (1954, France) studied film at the INSAS in Brussels. He showed his first video installation in 1976, when the medium was just emerging. Since then he has divided his time between experimental work, fictional films (such as Sombre, 1998) and documentaries and programmes for Arte, the cultural TV channel. His uncompromising vision of art leads him to push the boundaries of cinematographic genres. Grandrieux's work is inspired by horror movies and experimental films from Russian and American cinema.


(Since 1987) Berlin/Paris/Berlin (1987), Azimut (1989), Cafés (1992), La roue (1993, short), Gert Jan Theunisse (1993, short doc), L'industrie du rêve (1994), Jogo do Bicho (1994), Retour à Sarajevo (1996), Sombre (1998), La vie nouvelle (2002), Un lac (2008), Il se peut que la beauté ait renforcé notre résolution - Masao Adachi (2011), White Epilepsy (2012), Meurtrière (2015), Malgré la nuit (2015)