Peter Watkins

Peter WATKINS (1935, UK) made his first films in the Fifties. In 1965 he was asked to make two docudramas by the BBC. The second, The War Game, was not broadcasted because it was considered too controversial: being about the horrors of a nuclear war. However in 1967 it did win the Oscar for Best Documentary and will be shown in IFFR 2015.


(selection) Culloden (1964), The War Game (1965), Privilege (1967), Gladiatorerna/The Gladiators (1969), Punishment Park (1971), Edvard Munch (1974), The Seventies People (1974), Fällen/The Trap (1975), Aftenlandet (1977), Resan/The Journey (1988), Fritänkaren/The Freethinker (1994)