Peter Liechti

Peter LIECHTI (1951-2014, Switzerland) was an author, filmmaker, screenwriter and cinematographer, educated at the Zürich University of Art and Design. He started making film experiments and performances in 1983. He carried out several film projects featuring well-known artists and musicians, such as Roman Signer, Norbert Möslang and Nam June Paik. Liechti's films have been shown at numerous international film festivals and broadcasted on television. The installation Dedications (2014) was his last project before passing away.


Sommerhügel/Summerhills (1984, short), Senkrecht-Waagrecht/Vertical-Horizontal (1985, short), Ausflug ins Gebirge/Alpine Forays (1986, short), Drei Kunst-Editionen/Three Art Editions (1987, short), Théâtre de l'espérance/Theatre of Hope (1987, short), Tauwetter/Spring Thaw (1987, short), Kick That Habit (1989, short doc), Grimsel-Ein Augenschein/Grimsel-An On-Site Inspection (1990, short doc), Roman Signer, Zündschnur/Fuse (1990, short), A Hole in the Hat (1991, short), Signers Koffer- Unterwegs mit Roman Signer/Signer's Suitcase-On the Road with Roman Signer (1995, doc), Marthas Garten/Martha's Garden (1997), MSF - Médécins sans Frontières/The Physicians - an attempt at examining the misery in the culture (1999, short), Hans im Glück - Drei Versuche, das Rauchen loszuwerden/Lucky Jack - Three Attempts to Stop Smoking (2003, doc), Namibia Crossings (2004, doc), Hardcore Chambermusic - A club for 30 days (2006, doc), The Sound of Insects - Record of a Mummy (2009, doc), Vaters Garten - Die Liebe meiner Eltern/Father's Garden - The Love of My Parents (2013, doc), Dedications (2014, instal)