Paul Rowley

Paul ROWLEY (1971, Dublin, Ireland) started his career as a video artist in 1997. Besides screenings at international film festivals he has also had exhibitions at galleries in London and Cologne. Rowley has directed many of his films together with David Philips. In 2008 he co-directed his first feature film, Seaview, with Nicky Gogan, followed by a second feature The Rooms (2010) with Tim Blue.


Suspension (1998, short, co-dir), Geisterseher (1999, short), Carbon - 12 (2000, short), Kimpo (2000, short), Esther (2000, short), Gwai - lo (2001, short), Flight Path (2001, short), As Lathair (2002, short), Motion Test (2003, short), Condensate (2003, short), Entanglement (2004, short), Personal Effort (2004, short), Latent Heat (2004, short), Security Fugue (2004, short), Microfiche (2004, short), New Work For Solo Piano (2005, short), Some Americans (2005, short), Sonatas & Interludes (2006, instal, co-dir), Gravity Loop (2006, short), Sleep No More (2007, short), Commonwealth (2007, short), Seaview (2008, co-dir), The Rooms (2010, co-dir), Surface Noise (2010, short, co-dir), Build Something Modern (2011)