Paul de Nooijer

Paul de NOOIJER (1943) and Menno de Nooijer (1967), father and son, have been collaborating since the late seventies in making (animation) films, installations and performances. They often use early digital techniques, like pixellation, and a combination of film, photography and theatre, through which they question the visual possibilities of film and photography.


(selection) Moving Stills (1972, co-dir), Say Goodbye (1975), The Pie (1975), 1234 kant (1975), Transformation by Holding Time (Landschap) (1976), Transformation by Holding Time (Artist with Muse) (1976), Review (1976), How to Make a New York Cake (1978), Touring Holland by Bicycle (1981), Tilburg Teachers Trilogy (1981), The Third T(h)est (1981), Tarting Over (1981), Black and White Bathroom (1981), Window Painting (1982), The Shadow and the Substance (1982), The Passive and the Rude (1982), Face Race (1982), Automaddix (1982), N.E.W.S. (1984), Nobody Had Informed Me (1989), At One View (1989), I Should See (1990), Stop the Greenhouse Effect (1992), Exit (1997, feature), Test One Two (2005), Lost in America (2005), Shadows (2009) 

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