Patrice Kirchhofer

Patrice KIRCHHOFER (1953, France) is a French filmmaker, musician, painter and writer. He was an active member of the Collectif Jeune Cinéme in the 1970s and the founder/director of the journal Cinéma Différent, which ran for 26 issues between 1976 and 1980. From 1970, he made several experimental short films shot on the 16mm format.


(selection, all short) Sensitométrie VI (1970), Sensitométrie I (1973), Sensitométrie III (1975), Sensitométrie IV (1976), Sensitométrie V (1976), Sensitométrie VII (1976), Densité optique I (1977), Chromaticité I (1977), Remanence I (1978), Chromaticité II (1978), Densité optique II (1979), Resultante I (1980), Décembre 1979 (1980), Hors Titre I (1981)