Pat O'Neill

Artist, filmmaker and professor Pat O'NEILL (1939, USA) lives and works in Pasadena, California. He is seen as a founder of the Los Angeles avant-garde film scene. O'Neill has made many short films in which he combines found footage with experimental montage and compositing techniques. The filmmaker received multiple international awards for his work, which was placed in retrospective at the Tate Modern, Whitney Museum and Centre Pompidou.


By the Sea (1963, short), Bump City (1964, short), 7362 (1967, short), Screen (1969, short), Runs Good (1970, short), Easyout (1971, short), Last of the Persimmons (1972, short), Down Wind (1973, short), Saugus Series (1974, short), Sidewinder's Delta (1976, short), Sleeping Dogs (Never Lie) (1978, short), Let's Make a Sandwich (1978, short), Two Sweeps (1979, short), Foregrounds (1979, short), Water and Power (1989, short), Trouble in the Image (1996, short), Horizontal Boundaries (1998, short), Squirt Gun Step Print (1998, short), Coreopsis (1998, short), The Decay of Fiction (2002), Horizontal Boundaries (2008, short), I Put Out My Hands (2009, short), I Open the Window (2009, short), Starting to Go Bad (2009, short), Painter and Ball (2011, short), No Wonder/Two Skins (2013, short), Where the Chocolate Mountains (2015, mid-length)