Pascal Lièvre

Pascal LIÈVRE (1963, France) is a visual artist and filmmaker. He is co-founder of the film production company Baignoire Films. In his work, he mixes history with modern pop culture. Lièvre has had solo and group exhibitions and has participated in film festivals worldwide.


(selection) Lacan Dalida (2000, short), Abba Mao (2001, short), Antichambre (2002, short), I Love America (2002, short) L'axe du mal/Axis of Evil (2003, short), Tout est bien qui finit bien d'anne busnel d'apres l'ouvre de barbara cartland (2004, short), Savoir aimer/Teach Me How to Love (2004, short), Taburen (2005), Patriotic (2005, short), Edouard (2007, short), Rain (2007, short), L'eternel retour/The Eternal Return (2012, short doc)