Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito

Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito op IFFR

Paloma AGUILERA VALDEBENITO (1982, Netherlands) moved to Paris at the age of 18 to enrol at Acting International. In 2005 she returned to the Netherlands to graduate as a writer/director at the Netherlands Film Academy. Her short graduation film Stay, Away (2009) was screened at film festivals throughout the world and was nominated for Best Short Film at the European Film Awards. Her feature film debut Out of Love (2016) has its world premiere at IFFR.


Blijf bij me, weg/Stay, Away (2009, short), Entre nosotros (2011), Van God Los (2013, TV Series, episode: Para), Out of Love (2016)

Paloma Aguilera Valdebenito op IFFR

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