Péter Gothár

Péter Gothár spent a year at agricultural college in 1965. He then worked for several years in Budapest in catering. In 1968 he joined Hungarian television as assistant director. In 1975 after four years study he acquired a diploma in film and television directing at the Academy for Theatre and Film Art. Since then he has worked for Hungarian television and a theatre company. His television work includes documentaries, children's films and television dramas.


Films: Ajándék ez a nap/A Priceless Day (1979), Megáll az idö/Time Stands Still (1981), Idö van/Time (1985), Tiszta Amerika/Just like America (1987), Melodráma (1991), A részleg/The Outpost (1995), Hagyjállógva Vászka/Vaska Easoff (1996).