Oskar Roehler

Oskar ROEHLER (1959, Starnberg, Germany) is the son of writers Gisela Elsner and Klaus Roehler. He grew up in London, Rome and Nuremberg, has been living in Berlin for years and works as a journalist and scriptwriter. His film Die Unberührbare won the Dutch Film Critics' Award in Rotterdam in 2001, as well as the Golden German Film Award in 2000.


She LA (1994, short), Gentleman (1995), Silvester Countdown/In With the New (1997), Greedy/Gierig (1998), Latin Lover (1999, TV), Die Unberührbare / No Place to Go (2000), Suck My Dick (2001), Fahr zur Hölle, Schwester/Beloved Sister(2002), Angst (Der alte Affe Angst) (2003), Agnes und seine Brüder/Agnes and his Brothers (2004)