Omar Robert Hamilton

Omar Robert Hamilton op IFFR

Independent filmmaker, producer and photographer Omar Robert HAMILTON (b. 1984, UK) studied English Literature at Oxford and is based in Cairo. He is the founder of the Palestine Festival of Literature in Jerusalem and co-founder of the Mosireen Film collective, which arose from the Egyptian revolution. Though I Know The River Is Dry (2013) is the first independent, crowd-sourced film in the post-revolutionary Arab world. Hamilton's photographs have been published by The Guardian, BBC News and The Economist.


(all short, selection) The Night Bleeds Lust (2009), Eyes on the Prize (2009), When I Stretch Forth Mine Hand (2009), Maydoum (2010), The Camel Battle (2011, doc), Bloody Wednesday: The Battle of Tahrir Sq (2011, doc), The People Demand the Fall of the Regime (2012, doc), Though I Know the River Is Dry (2013)