Oday Rasheed

Oday RASHEED (1973, Iraq) is director, scriptwriter, film critic and musician. His feature debut Underexposure (2005) was the first Iraqi film after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Before that, no features had been made for years. In order to encourage Iraqi cinema, in 2010 Rasheed opened with Mohamed al-Daradji (whose film Ahlaam was screened in Rotterdam in 2006) the Bagdad Film Production Centre.


Mud Whiteness (1997, short), Introduction (1998, short), Another Introduction (1999, short), Gilgamesh: The Epic - The Place (2002, short doc), A Night - Before the Thousand (2003, short), Pulse of the City (2003, short doc), The Look Denied (2005, doc, co-dir), Underexposure (2005), Qarantina (2010)