Norbert Pfaffenbichler

Norbert PFAFFENBICHLER (1967, Austria) has studied applied arts. He works as an artist and curator and is co-founder of VIDOK Studio. He was involved with the Austrian abstract cinema which emerged in the 1990s. In 2002, he started working on his film series Notes on Film, in which he deconstructs film history from an artistic perspective.


(selection) Wirehead (1997, short, co-dir), traxdata (1998, short, co-dir), santora (1998, short, co-dir), 36 (2001, short, co-dir), notes on film 01 else (2002, short), MAZY-Notes on MAZY (2003, short), Notes on Film 02 (2006), a1b2c3 (2006, short, co-dir), Mosaik mécanique (2008, short), A Masque of Madness (Notes on Film 06-B, Monologue 02) (2013), Odessa Crash Test (Notes on Film 09) (2014, short)