Nick Collins

Nick COLLINS (1953, UK) studied history at Cambridge University. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton and has been making films since 1976. His works, usually made on 16mm, explore landscapes, human presence and absence and the passage of time. Nick Collins’s films have been shown worldwide at film festivals.


(all short) Horden Beach (1977), After the music ... (1979), Cornish Winter Reeds and Skies (1980/90), Journeys (1981), Time at Night (1982/3), Passage (1982/3), Self-portrait (1983), Deptford Creek (1984), Looking in and out (A Winter Diary) (1984/6), Valletta (1985), Winter into Spring (1985), Sanday (1986/8), Views From A City (1991/3), Bureau de Change (with Rose Finn-Kelcey) (1992), Steam Installation (with Rose Finn-Kelcey) (1993), Trissákia (1994), Tessa's Table (with Simon Wells) (1995/6), Borough Market (1995/6), Variations (1997), Three Short Films (Room with Two Mirrors; By the Woodyard; Midday Shade) (1998/9), Tidemills (2003), Winter Woods (2005), Three Silent Films (Early Morning; Bathroom Mirror; Cat & Flyscreen) (2005), Across the Valley (2006), Loops (twin-screen) (2006/2007), Trissákia 2 (2007), Mimente (2008), Four silent films (Frost Table, Tholos, Jasmine Tea, Garden) (2009), Where the Arun Meets the Sea (2009), Loutra:Baths (2010), Square and Mountain (2010), Dark Garden (2011), Temple of Apollo, An Afternoon, At Pont du Tarn (2012), Trissákia 3 (2013)