Naeem Mohaiemen

Naeem MOHAIEMEN (1969) was born in London and works in New York and Dhaka. He writes essays and makes politically engaged films and art installations. Films in his series The Young Man Was have been shown at the Venice Biennale and MoMA, and in Oberhausen, DocLisboa and IDFA. Last Man in Dhaka Central is the third installment. He is currently a PhD candidate in Anthropology at Columbia University and was a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow.


Azaadi (Mutiny Asian Underground) (2003, short), Disappeared in America: Patriot Story (2004, short, co-dir), Disappeared in America: Lingering, Twenty (2004, short, co-dir), Muslims or Heretics: My Camera Can Lie (2004, short), Disappeared in America: Fear of Flying (2005, short, co-dir), Disappeared in America: Invisible Man (2006, short), Nayak (Lost Hero of History) (2009, short), SMS Iran (After Gilles Peress) (2009, short, co-dir), Der Weisse Engel (2011, short), White Teeth (Your Mysterious Neighbors) (2012, short), United Red Army (2012), Rankin Street, 1953 (2013, short), Afsan’s Long Day (2014, short), Last Man in Dhaka Central (2015), Abu Amar Is Coming (2016, short)