Morgan Fisher

Morgan FISHER (1942, USA) began his career as an editor in the commercial film industry before exploring the avant-garde. He examines and deconstructs the narrative of film and the industry itself with wry humour.


The Director and His Actor Look at Footage Showing Preparations for an Unmade Film (2) (1968, short), Phi Phenomenon (1968, short), The Wilkinson Household Fire Alarm (1973, short), Picture and Sound Rushes (1973, short), Cue Rolls (1974, short), Projection Instructions (1976, short), Southern Exposure (1977, instal), Northern Light (1979, instal), Passing Time (1979, instal), Standard Gauge (1984, short), Production Stills (1970, short), Color Balance (1980/2002, instal), (2003, short), Aspect Ratio (2004, instal)