Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Mohsen MAKHMALBAF (1957, Iran) is a major figure of Iranian cinema. He has written over 30 books and directed 27 films (features, documentaries and short films) in 10 different countries in Asia and Europe. Some of his films have been or are still banned from Iran. The work of Makhmalbaf can be seen as an extended commentary on the historical progression of the Iranian state and its people. Many of his features have been shown in Rotterdam.


Tobeh Nosuh/Nasooh's Repentance (1983), Two Blind Eyes (1983), Seeking Sanctuary/Fleeing from Evil to God (1984), Baykot/Boycott (1985), Dastforoush/The Peddler (1989), Bicycleran/The Cyclist (1987), Arousi-ye Khouban/Marriage of the Chosen (1989), Nobat e Asheghi/A Time of Love (1990), Shabhaye Zayendeh-Rood/The Nights of Zayandeh-Rood (1991), Images of the Ghadjar Dynasty (1993, short), Once Upon a Time, Cinema (1991), Honarpisheh/The Actor (1993, short), Salaam Cinema (1995), Gabbeh (1996), Nun va goldoon/A Moment of Innocence (1996), Madresei keh baad bord/School Blown Away by the Wind (1998, short), Sokout/The Silence (1998), Ghessé hayé kish/Tales of Kish (1999, co-dir), Tales of an Island (2000, co-dir), Kandahar (2001), Alefbay-e afghan/The Afghan Alphabet (2002, doc), Monday Market (2004), Colder Than Fire (2005), Sex o phalsapheh/Sex and Philosophy (2005), Chair (2005), Faryad moorcheha/Scream of the Ants (2006), The Man Who Came with the Snow (2009, co-dir), Bagheban/The Gardener (2012)