Mohammad Shirvani

Mohammad SHIRVANI (b. 1973, Iran) started studying for the military, but soon exchanged this for a fine arts education. This eventually lead to his true love, cinema. His short films have been screened and won prizes at many festivals. His feature debut Navel (2004) was also screened in Rotterdam. Fat Shaker is his second feature.


The Circle (1999, short), The Candidate (2000, short), Consent (2001, short), Souvenir (2001, short), Gilas-hai keh kompout shod/The Cherries Which Were Canned (2002, short), Iranian Conserve (2003, short), Navel (2004), President Mir Qanbar (2005, doc), Where´s Leili (2006, doc), 444 Days (2007, short doc), Seven Blind Women Filmmakers (2008, doc), Iranian Cookbook (2009, doc), 021 Tehran (2010, short doc), Telescope (2011, doc), Larzanandeye charbi/Fat Shaker (2013), Elephant in Darkness (2013, install)