Miriam Kruishoop

Miriam Kruishoop (1971) completed the Rietveld Academy in 1996, made short films and two features: Vive Elle was screened in the Tiger Competition in 1998, Unter den Palmen opened last year's Nederlands Film Festival.


W-Walls (1995, short), Mercedescowboy (1995, short), In Bed With Harry H. (1996, short), Jell-O (1996, short), Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Woman (1996, short), Da Silva (1996, short), Rabies (1997, short), Vive Elle (1997), Vedette (1998, short), Gaiden (1998, short), Unter den Palmen (1999), The days after (1999, short), Mimmosene (2000, video)