Michael Snow

Michael SNOW (1929, Toronto) is a renowned experimental artist, painter and filmmaker. His best known work is Wavelength (1967), a pioneering avantgarde film and an exploration of pure time and space. Snow is considerd one of the most influential experimental filmmakers and is the subject of retrospectives in many countries.


So Is This (1983), See You Later (1991), To Lavoisier Who Died in the Reign of Terror (1992), Prelude (2001), Living Room (2001), Couple (2002), Corpus Callosum (2002), Triage (2005). Wavelength (2006), Sshtoorrty (2006) Solar Breath (Nortern Caryatids) (2007), Puccini Conservato (2009), Sidelength (2013), Side Seat Paintings Slide Sound Film (2013), Reverberlin (2013), Region Centrale (2013), Casing Shelved (2013).