Mia Hansen-Løve

Mia HANSEN-LØVE (1981, France) acted as a teen in films by her companion Olivier Assayas, whom she later married. In 2001, she started an education in Dramatic Arts in Paris, but dropped out after two years to work as a critic for Cahiers du Cinéma. Here she discovered her passion for filmmaking and directed her first short films. All Is Forgiven (2007), her feature debut, was nominated for a César. Eight years and two features later, she directed Eden (2014), inspired by the life of her brother, DJ Sven Love.


(selection) Après mûre réflexion (2003, short), Un pur esprit (2004, short), Contre-coup (2005, short) Platonov, la nuit est belle (2005, co-dir), Tout est pardonné/All Is Forgiven (2007), Le père de mes enfants/The Father of My Children (2009), Un amour de jeunesse/Goodbye First Love (2011), Eden (2014)