Meerkat Media Collective

Jay Arthur STERRENBERG is part of Meerkat Media Collective, a commune of filmmakers based in Brooklyn, New York. Meerkat is specialised in making documentaries and art films. The collective has a flat structure, without any ranks and classes. They produce, in addition to long and short documentaries, clips, animations and short films. Sterrenberg produced and directed Brasslands.


Not with a Bang, But a Whimper (2005, short), King Corn (2007, doc), Every Third Bite (2008, short), The Pyramid Code (2009, TV-doc), Brooklyn Boondoggle (2009, doc), Stages (2009, doc), Warntorn:1861-2010 (2010, TV-doc), Prince/William (2010, doc), Narco Cultura (2013, doc), Redemption (2013, doc), Brasslands (2013, doc), Not Another Jesus Camp (2013, doc)

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